Our products….

Simply flooring offers a fully comprehensive collection of luxurious to resilient
carpets. Feeling warmer to the touch, this is a desirable choice especially for lounges
and bedrooms. With the capacity to trap air within its fibers, it has the potential to
reduce energy costs and usage.

Speak to our experienced team to discuss which carpet product would be the most
suitable. Whether it’s to compliment your existing colour palette, to create continuity
throughout your home, or for a durable material in high traffic locations you will find
exactly the right product for your needs.

From elegant saxonys, hardwearing runners and sophisticated stripes to the somewhat
intangible consideration of prestige that a luxurious wool carpet can offer, our
products will be a great investment in your home.

Cushioned Flooring
Cushioned floorings is undeniably one of the most practical options as it can be
installed with ease, requires little maintenance and is very resilient, all without the
designer price tag!

We have a beautiful collection offering either realistic wood effect planks with
authentic surface textures or luxury vinyl tiles resembling marble, ceramic, slate or
even stone. The best part is, due to properties of the material you will also get the
advantages of increased insulation and added warmth and comfort.

Popular variations for all home interiors include the designer ranges of Amtico,
Camaro and Karndean all exceptionally crafted to meet your design vision.

A solid oak wood flooring is the most classic and authentic choice it can compliment
and highlight existing features of the home and provide a spectacular ambiance the
moment you enter a home.

Rarely would you ever need to replace due its longevity and timeless properties,
making it a highly desirable option that you can enjoy for years and should you ever
sell, this will certainly be one of your most attractive selling points.

This is a popular choice in lounges, hallways and bedrooms enhancing your furniture
like no other. With either wide or narrow planks, it has the capacity to reflect
light and open up spaces, providing the potential to create a wonderfully unique
environment that can accentuate your design scheme.

If you require a floor that withstands heavy-traffic from daily family life with easy
maintenance then laminate flooring is an ideal solution.

The tough melamine wear layer means that it is less liable to scratch than a real
wood finish. The knots and grains are balanced in location therefore can be more
aesthetically pleasing, creating an elegant symmetrical feel to the room.

Finishes include timeless oaks, walnut and smoky greys. With water resistant ranges,
this is a perfect low cost option for kitchens and bathrooms, both being the essential
rooms to make over when looking to add value to your home.